NuBridge Venture Summit

Event Partners

Doğan Online (DOL) has been established in 1999 as an internet investment company, and currently owns ten leading brands in its portfolio. Doğan Online has three major sources of revenue and different business lines structured according to the revenue generating segment.
* e-commerce revenue line is generated through Hepsiburada, Gezisitesi, and Nesine.
* online advertising business includes revenues generated from Medyanet.
* content provision and sales revenues are generated through ekolay business line.

Golden Horn Ventures is Turkey’s first, and as yet only, early stage venture capital firm. It aims at taking disruptive ideas from Turkish entrepreneurs, working with them to fully develop their potential, and carrying them to international markets. GHV has also been working actively to create the requisite venture ecosystem in Turkey.

Mynet is the leading internet portal services provider in Turkey with 48 different product & services including email, social networking, games, music streaming and video sharing. Mynet was founded in 1999 by Internet entrepreneur Emre Kurttepeli as the first internet portal in Turkey. Mynet is the most popular and widely used internet destination in Turkey with over 6 million registered members and 22 million monthly unique visitors. We are working on building a stronger community and strengthening community bonds by utilising social tools, which we expect will drive higher user engagement. We have unique expertise in managing web services in the Turkish market; We have the largest online gaming community in Turkey. Mynet Email is one of the largest email services in the market. Kavun, a music sharing site, has the largest online music sharing community in Turkey. Mynet Video sharing service is expanding at a pace of 50.000 new videos every month and users can make money by producing original content and earn more as the videos are watched. We are focused on building the highest quality content for consumers and the best products & services for its advertising partners. Mynet has leading offerings in content, commerce, communications and advertising. The company’s business model is based on a combination of advertising and subscription of web services. The company has established sales channels; Direct, web, call center, sales partners online/offline, sales channels cover suburban Turkey. Mynet continues to establish its services enhanced by international partnerships with the purpose of presenting broader and high quality service geared to the Turkish internet users. A few examples of these partnerships including iVillage Turkey, Cnet Turkey, AskMen Turkey, and Google.

Sardis Capital is an independent investment banking firm focused on advising technology companies on mergers, acquisitions, and financial transactions. The firm combine an extensive track record in technology-sector transactions, with two decades of operational/financial experience and in-depth knowledge of the technology business ecosystem.